44 Divided by What Equals 18?

Accepted Solution

44 Divided by What Equals 18? Methods Setting up the problem: In a problem like this, the “what” means that we’re working with a variable. The most common variable used in math is “x”. So we could say what number, x can we divide 44 by to equal 18? Solving 44 Divided by What Equals 18 Here’s how you would set up this question as an equation: 44 x = 18 \frac{44}{x} = 18 x 44 ​ = 18 The goal of the problem is to solve for x. To do this we need to change the equation so that x is alone on one side of the equation.In this case, it can be done in two steps. The first step is to multiply both sides by x to isolate 44: 44 = 18 ∗ x 44 = 18*x 44 = 18 ∗ x Then we can isolate x on the right side of the equation by dividing both sides by 18: 44 18 = x \frac{44}{18} = x 18 44 ​ = x When we simplify the new equation, we can solve for x. In this example, we will round to the nearest three decimal places if that’s needed. x = 2.444 x = 2.444 x = 2.444 Practice Other Division Problems Like This One If this problem was a little difficult or you want to practice your skills on another one, give it a go on any one of these too! What divided by 62 equals 92? 41 divided by what equals 76? What is 14/15 divided by 56? What is 1/2 divided by 6/3? What is 52 divided by 17/11?